Injections Can Be Back Breaking

Injections Can Be Back Breaking

Bottom Line:

Did you know researchers have discovered a correlation between epidural steroid injections and spinal fracture risk? Specifically, new studies have indicated that there is a 21% increase in the risk of a patient experiencing a cracked or broken back after receiving an epidural steroid injection. The scary part is, over 9 million of these injections are given every year for spinal pain!


Why it Matters:

As you can imagine, spinal fractures HURT. They require significant treatment and some patients even undergo surgery to find relief. If you are currently experiencing back pain, know that you can reduce your risk of experiencing a fracture and get the relief you desire through conservative care. Research has shown that spinal adjustments are, in fact, one of the best care options at your disposal for reducing your pain, increasing your function and improving your overall quality of life.

Why? Chiropractors focus on correcting the underlying cause of your back pain. Misalignments in your spine can put pressure on your discs and nerves, leading to muscle and nerve irritation, swelling, and a lack of spinal motion. A shot does not correct the cause of this pain – at best, that shot only temporarily masks the cause. Knowing that and the increased risk of spinal fracture following an injection, the smart decision is to get well and stay well using conservative, natural healthcare like Chiropractic.

▪ New research has indicated a 21% increased risk of spinal fracture following an epidural injection.

▪ A fracture, or broken back, can cause tremendous pain and even result in surgery.

▪ Seeking conservative treatment first, such as Chiropractic care, is recommended over riskier spinal injections.


Next Steps:

Share the science. Being well informed comes with the responsibility of sharing what you know with others who don’t, and we encourage you to share what you know with others who are curious and would benefit from understanding this Research That Matters. If you’re experiencing back pain, or would like to know more, ask us! We’re here for you.


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