Do You Realize How Smart You Are?

Do You Realize How Smart You Are?

Bottom Line:

In a world of dangerous medications, risky surgeries, and the costs of healthcare being the #1 cause of personal bankruptcy, doing what you can to get well soon and stay well for as long as you can is – what can we say – simply genius. Many of the most respected healthcare organizations in the world recommend Chiropractic care as the best natural way to stay pain-free, and recent research from the top tier research journal SPINE has proven Chiropractic has statistically and clinically significant benefits (which is research-talk for Chiropractic care helps people).

Why it Matters:

By choosing Chiropractic care, you’ll improve your chances of finding relief by over 70%! When someone only utilizes standard medical care for acute low back pain, they have about a 17% chance of having moderate improvement or complete recovery. However, when you add Chiropractic adjustments, that percentage increases to 73%. Adjustments can help gate (or reduce) pain by affecting specific nerve pathways in your nervous system. When a Chiropractic adjustment is given, the body often turns off the pain signals that go to the brain. In addition, Chiropractic adjustments can also improve your overall functional ability, which means you can do more of what you love with less pain.

  • Medical bills have become the number one cause of personal bankruptcy due to expensive surgeries and risky medications.
  • Respected health care organizations like Harvard Health have started to recommend Chiropractic care as the primary treatment option for back pain based on patient satisfaction and efficacy.
  • Chiropractic adjustments can gait (or block) pain by naturally impacting your nervous system without the need for risky medications.

Next Steps:

Whether you are a young mom on the go, a senior enjoying a few rounds of golf every few days, or a road warrior traversing the skies for business, you require a natural way to stay active and healthy. Share this study with others and show them that standard medical care AND Chiropractic care are both smart, scientifically supported solutions.

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