Tech Neck: Your Headache Awaits You

Tech Neck: Your Headache Awaits You

Bottom Line:

Are you connected to your phone and computer around the clock? Think about it – many of us aren’t more than an arm’s length from our phone at any time (even when we’re sleeping). It’s part of living in a connected world, but all of that time on the phone cruising Amazon and Buzzfeed takes a toll. It can place a lot of tension on the supporting muscles of our neck and start to cause headaches. It’s called “tech neck”, and it’s one of the most common causes of headaches and neck pain.

Why it Matters:

Messaging, updating Instagram, and commenting on your friend’s Facebook page is fun. However, the hours per day we spend on our phones and computers can be a significant contributor to tension headaches. Thankfully, you don’t need to through away your phone to start solving the problem. Visiting a Chiropractor has been shown to decrease both the frequency and severity of tension headaches. Chiropractors are the best natural healthcare option for people suffering from headaches.

  • “Tech neck” is the term used to describe the symptoms of headaches, neck pain, and poor posture as a result of using your phone, tablet, and computer.
  • Chiropractors can decrease the pain and reverse the effects of “tech neck” through adjustments and postural exercises.
  • Pro-actively addressing “tech neck” may help to prevent it from causing pain in the future.

Next Steps:

Share this research with your friend who has the most followers on Instagram. If they are spending a lot of time engaged online and taking awesome pictures, then they are very likely suffering from tension headaches as a result of their posture when using their phone. Take a picture of this paper right now, post it to Instagram, and tag them! They will be happy you did.

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